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Beds and linen are provided by COCOMAT

More than just a Hotel


Mykonos is located in the Cyclades archipelago. It is famous for its unique architecture, beautiful beaches, and a night-life that is exclusive to the island.  There are restaurants that cater to every taste from gourmet to the famous ‘souvlaki’ takeaway.   


The “Chora” is a labyrinth of small and narrow alleyways with the best boutiques, jewelry, and fashion designers.    For those with an artistic flair there are many galleries to see plus two Museums.   Or one may just bide their time sitting on the waterfront and watch the world go by.


It is highly recommended to visit the island of Delos which was an exceedingly cultured city in ancient times, and was the birthplace of Apollo, the God of Light.   Boats leave daily from the town Port.  


Mykonos offers accommodation to suit every budget; from exclusive villas, 4-5 Star Hotels, luxury apartments, rooms and Pensions.


The Pension Maria team can provide you with all information regarding activities such as horse-riding, watersports plus help you by booking quads, bikes and cars for your convenience.


Pension Maria’s has 21 rooms providing TV, air conditioning and private bath.   It is ideal for families and groups of friends who wish to share a room.   However, what is totally unique is that every evening one can enjoy the most magnificent sunsets.